In order to create a better world, we must first envision it.

One Minute for Earth‘s core mandate is to invite everyone – from individuals to world leaders – to give a moment of silence for Earth, to envision it healthy and whole, peaceful and equitable, sustainable and alive! And then to ask ourselves – how do we get there? What can I do today, right now, to help make this vision a reality? In order to transform our planet into the world of our dreams, we must first be able to see the goal and to feel it pulling at us, guiding and inspiring us forward. Our vision gives us direction, and it empowers us to act accordingly.

From this core mission are born various campaigns that elevate, educate, empower and re-awaken our love for Earth and our incredible ability as a species to co-create the world we want.

Why Should I Give a Minute?

How can a minute of silence possibly change anything, let alone save the world? What’s 1 Minute when the world is on fire?

Here’s the deal. You are more powerful than you think, and together we are more powerful than we can imagine. In fact, the fate of our planet and of the human race essentially lie in our hands, and more specifically, in our minds. By changing our mind, we change the world.

Our thoughts are creative potential. Everything that’s man-made first began with a thought. Everything. Our cultures, our philosophies and art, our tools and languages, everything that surrounds you at this moment – indeed much of our evolutionary process – began with a simple thought that was given attention, intention and direction. We are, in essence and by nature, powerful co-creators.

News for the Earth.

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